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Do your princesses come to our home, or do you have a venue?

When you book us for a character party, we travel to your home or venue! Many of our clients choose to host in their house or backyard, but we have also attended parties at parks, restaurants, country clubs, hotels, churches, etc. 

How Far Do You Travel?

Our characters are happy to travel up to 1 hour for our parties, but a mileage fee will apply for more than 30 minutes drive from Wilmington, DE:

0-30 Minutes - Free

30-45 Minutes - $15-$25 per character

45-60 Minutes - $30-$45 per character

1 Hour Plus - $50 and up (contact us for a quote)

Are you affiliated with Disney or a theme park?​

No, our characters are based on public domain storybook and fairytale characters. If you are looking for specific copyrighted characters affiliated with a certain company like Disney, Marvel, etc., we suggest you contact the company directly to book. 

Can I request a certain actor?

Absolutely, yes! Please put your actor's name in the "comments/special requests" section of your online booking form and we'll do our best to accommodate! Our amazing actors have established wonderful reputations for their performances, and they are always excited to be requested by our clients! 

How/when will the Princess show up at my party?

We recommend that you book our character appearance to being at least 30 minutes after your party start time. This will ensure that all your guests have arrived and had time to settle in. We don't want them to miss the magic! Our characters will park a distance away to avoid being seen as they walk up to your home/venue. This is important to preserve character integrity! They will be in character from the moment they walk up your street, and will knock on your front door, and will begin entertaining the moment they enter! If you have a special request for our entrance, let us know! We can always call or text when we arrive to coordinate the entrance. 

Are your parties just for girls? 

Absolutely not! We have boys present at 95% of our parties, and usually they just as excited to join in all the fun activities we include in our packages. We are happy to tailor our deluxe activities to accommodate both girls and boys. You can also add a prince or superhero character to your package if you'd like more boy specific activities. 

Can the character sing Happy Birthday?

We always end with the special Happy Birthday song! Our princesses can either perform the song a capella, or can invite the whole group to join in. We like to end with the Happy Birthday song and make our grand exit just before cake is served. Cake is a good distraction for the children so they won't be too upset about our characters going back to their kingdoms! 

How do I book a party?

In the "BOOK NOW" tab, we have a button that takes you to our online booking form! Simply fill out the requested information, submit the form and you'll hear from us via email within 24-48 hours. We will confirm all your party details and will provide your online invoice. We charge a $35 non refundable deposit to reserve your date.

Your remaining balance isn't due until 1 week before the date of your event! 

We are more than happy to answer any other questions you have, via email! Just send a message to We can't wait to be part of your royal celebration!​

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