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Character Train Rides

Local railroad companies can now book us for an unforgettable character train experience! We offer the ultimate package with stunning live performances, onboard character interactions, custom printed passports and more!

We have been working with reputable railroads for four years, including the Wilmington & Western and Walkersville Southern. We are excited to join the Stewartstown Railroad this year as well!

Our Princess Express, Pirates and Pixies Express and Ice Princess Express trains always draw a crowd!

Themes we offer include:

Princess Express, Ice Princess Express, Pirates and Pixies Express, Wonderland Express, Superhero Express, Winter Express (Santa and princesses), Jolly Holiday Express (Proper Nanny and Chimney Sweep), Wizard Express (wizard students), Oz Express

Included in your train experience package is a ten minute live platform show, meet and greets at the station before departure, character interactions and music aboard the train, passports for guests which characters will stamp, a professional sound system, prizes and decorations for the platform area.

Contact us today to book your custom character train experience!

We can't wait to bring magic to your railroad. 

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